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What is Resource?

A resource on AllPraha can basically be anything at all. Common examples are a restaurant, bar, café, dance club, shop, embassy, information centre and a service company. But it could also be information on how to get to Prague, how to use the public transport system, a famous landmark/monument/building, a good tour route, how to use your mobile telephone in Prague, a 24 hour chemist/doctor, Each resource can have a title and brief description plus additional information like address, telephone numbers and internet details (web and email addresses).. From there you can dig down a little deeper and put brief details of how to actually get there e.g. nearest public transport stops. You can even define what languages the resource uses. Finally, a resource can have specific information to that resource filled in. For example a bar can list what beers are served, a restaurant can list what cuisines it serves and a sports centre can define what sports facilities they have available.