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A Walk through Petrin Park

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Possibly named after the Slavonic God Perun, or from the Latin - Mons Petrinus (rocky hill), Petrin hill lies to the west of the Little Quarter, it's wooded slopes rising to a height of 315 m above the city.

There are paths that wind their way up the hill, which is covered in places by fruit trees, making it a pretty place to go in the spring when they are in bloom. From the upper levels panoramas of the city can be seen through the trees. The walk up the hill and through the park has it's other rewards too.

There are different options for walking in this area, but if you take a tram to Namesti Kinskych and enter Kinsky Garden by the large gateway that is easily recognised from the tram stop, you will not be disappointed in this choice. Take the wide level path to the Kinsky Summer Palace. Walk around the palace to the other side where you will find paths leading up the hill. You do not have to climb far before you will come to the Lower Lake that is was the home of a statue of Hercules, but, at the last visit, he seemed to have taken a walk. As you climb above the lake there is a waterfall, from where you can look back over the lake to get your first glimpse of the views that can be had of the city along much of this walk. As you continue climbing, you will come to the 18th century wooden folk church of St. Michael that came originally from the Ukraine. Follow the path and steps uphill from the church to turn right onto the Observation Path, where more views of the city can be seen. You will then soon come to the larger Upper Lake, which has a bronze statue of a seal in it. If you take some bread with you, the ducks here, like anywhere I have been, just love to be fed. Walk round either side of the lake to continue on the Observation Path which then leads to a gate through city's old fortifications. From here it leads to the Hunger Wall, so named because during the 14th century Charles IV reputedly had it built to give employment to the poor during a period of famine. Through a gate in the wall, you take a wide path uphill keeping the wall on your upper left-hand side until you come to the bridge that crosses the funicular railway (the easy way to get to the top of the hill!). You are now almost at the top, and a little further on you will see the Mirror Maze in front of you. From here, you can take time to visit the attractions that Petrin Park has to offer, like the Maze, the Tower (where refreshments can be had), the rose garden and the Observatory, which is open to the public at certain times - check locally. To end the walk, go back to the tower and continue the walk with the Hunger Wall on your left. Pass through an opening in the wall and walk down hill with the wall on your right and a road on your left. You can pass through the wall again to follow it down to Strahov Monastery, which is also open at certain hours, so consider leaving yourself time to make a visit (see separate entry for the monastery on this site). To finish the walk go through the monastery's gate and follow the road down to the tram route at the bottom, where you can get a tram back to the city.

West of the Little Quarter
Czech Republic
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Romantic Location?: Lovers Paradise
A Walk through Petrin Park
Lower lake

A Walk through Petrin Park
Hunger Wall gate
A Walk through Petrin Park
Church of St. Michael
A Walk through Petrin Park
View from Hunger Wall

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