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Modrý pstruh (Blue brook-trout, Forelle blau)

this Recipe was last updated on 5 Aug 04

Catch some trout in crystal clear mountain water (if you trust your fish-shop, buy some live trout there instead (suitable size is 18-22 cm)) and bring them to the kitchen alive. If the fish has been killed more than 30 minutes before it is cooked, it will not become blue nor will it have the unique aroma.

Take each fish out of the water and kill it with one blow on the head. Rinse the fish very fast and put into boiling court bouillon (home-made fish-soup) with vinegar for a few moments. When the trout turns blue, it is ready, taken up, and served on aspic.
No priloha needed, but fresh-baked rohliks will do nicely, if you like.


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Ease of Preparation: Medium
Cuisine: Czech
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Ease of Preparation********** (7.0)
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Exquisite - if you can find the live trout...
Claus, 15 May 04

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