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Novosad Sklarna Harrachov / Harrachov Glassworks

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A unique glassworks, glass museum, hotel and microbrewery with brewery restaurant. The workers are actually encouraged to drink whilst they work, The brewery makes a variety of brews, including a low alcohol (8 degrees as opposed to a typical Pilsner's 12) version for the workers. The factory's production is orientated to luxurious sets of drinking glasses, decorative glasses and crystal cut chandeliers. You can tour the glassworks and museum, then relax over a beer in the brewery restaurant.

Nov? Svet 95
Harrachov v Krkonosích   show me everything in Harrachov v Krkonosích
512 46
Czech Republic
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 Getting there - public transport
Several direct buses run daily to Harrachov from Prague, from Cerny Most bus station. The journey time is 2 hours 40 minutes.

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Approximate journey time from Prague: No info at present
Type of landmark: Building
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Novosad Sklarna Harrachov / Harrachov Glassworks

Novosad Sklarna Harrachov / Harrachov Glassworks
Brewery restaurant

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