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Charles University Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Studies (CERGE)

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CERGE-EI is a joint workplace in the field of Economics, associated with two highly respected institutions, Charles University in Prague and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education of Charles University (CERGE) was founded in 1991 as an American-style Ph.D. program in Economics taught entirely in English. In 1992, the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (EI) was created as an economics research institution, seeking to carry out topical research of the highest international standards.

Recognizing their overlapping goals and interests, the two institutions entered into a cooperation agreement in 1993, which later evolved into a formal joint workplace agreement in 1999. Our partnership represents a unique example of cooperation in the Czech Republic and serves as a model of how to break down the artificial division between universities and research institutions that existed throughout the communist period. CERGE-EI reinforces the relationship of teaching and research by creating an environment of intellectual curiosity and scientific rigor.

The goals and interests which serve as CERGE-EIís mission are:

to train future public officials, business leaders, and university faculty and researchers from the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe in modern economics;
to stimulate and support academic and policy-oriented economic research;
to disseminate this research and policy information to government officials, corporate managers, and academic economists throughout the region and the world through seminars, symposia, conferences, working papers, and other publications; and
to facilitate the transfer of modern western standards of economic instruction and scientific work to the Czech Republic and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, with a special emphasis on educating the instructors of future generations of business leaders and voters.

Located in the historic center of Prague, CERGE-EI has grown to be recognized as a regional center of educational excellence and has won numerous accolades from US governmental institutions, the European Commission, international grant authorities and research organizations: in 1992 and 1994, the European Community Secretariat of the ACE Programme designated the institution the only ""Recognized Centre of Excellence in Ph.D. Studies in Economics"" in Central and Eastern Europe, and in 1993 and 1994, CERGE-EI was recognized as a Center of Excellence in Economics Education and Research by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). As a further indication of overall academic quality, CERGE-EI's PhD in Economics is fully accredited in both the United States and the Czech Republic. Its location in the heart of Europe has proven to be beneficial in attracting high-quality researchers, faculty and students concerned with the impact of social, economic and political transition in the CEE/fSU region.

Throughout our history, collaborative efforts between international organizations have played a major role. Since 1999, CERGE-EI has been the East European Regional Network representative for the Global Development Network (GDN). The GDN is comprised of nine regional networks and an independent secretariat in Washington, D.C., and is an open, worldwide network of policy and research institutes which aims to support the generation, sharing and application to policy of development knowledge. Our library is an official depository for World Bank publications.

Building History
Previous Structures on the Site

The first known structure on the site of what is now CERGE-EI was a pharmacistís home during the time of Charles IV (1346-1378). The street was then known as ìAngel Street,î and the pharmacist was especially known for his kindness to the sick. To this day, all Czech pharmacies bear the symbol of an angel.

Later, the pharmacistís home was demolished and a palace was constructed on the site by Kristof of Wallenstein. The palace was destroyed by fire in 1757, and the remains were purchased by the Merciful Brethren and thereafter was the site of a convent-hospital operated by this sect. Eventually Austrian Empress Maria Theresa bought the property and converted it into a facility to accommodate some of the many orphans created by the famine and plague of 1771.

The Current Building

The present building was commissioned in 1871 by well-known entrepreneur and railroad builder Baron Jan Schebek. Since buildings at this time were generally identified not with addresses but with names; it came to be known as ìThe House of the Angel.î The three-story building was designed by architect Ignác Ullman. Its most striking features include a marble staircase and ceilings painted by Viktor Barvitius.

The Building in Modern Times

In 1890, Baron Schebekís son sold the palace to the Austro-Hungarian Bank, and thus began the long association of the building with economic activities in the Czech lands. In 1918, after the founding of the First Republic (independent Czechoslovakia), the building became the headquarters of the State Bank of Czechoslovakia. During World War II and the Nazi Occupation, the Gestapo used a building on the same street as its headquarters. As a result, the street today bears the name ìStreet of Political Prisonersî (ul. Politickych veznu).

In 1963, ownership of the building was transferred to the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, which made it the seat of its Institute of Economics. The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is still the owner of the building, and CERGE-EI is proud to occupy ìThe House of the Angel.

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Charles University Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Studies (CERGE)

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