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Produced in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) since 1807 this is one of the very special and unique Czech drinks. It is a herb liquer (around 35 different herbs, precise recipe is a secret, dissolved in 38% alcohol. Greenish yellow in colour, rich taste perhaps dominated slightly by cinnamon. The Czechs consider it a medicine of which you can not drink enough (!) but I have to warn against that notion; it is good as an apperitif and/or digestive but if you drink a lot of it your production process of your intestines will be disturbed (and you'll be drunk also).
To my taste it is best when served and drunk from a bottle kept at room temperature from a deep-frozen crystal glass - I disagree with the current billboards promoting to keep the Becher in the freezer, and to drink it with ice I consider rape of the noble beverage.

T.G. Maseryka 57
Karlovy Vary   show me everything in Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic
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Alcohol percentage: 38

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Dude, it's czech!
Rhenium3, 20 Jun 04
best cough medicine in the world
azura137, 7 May 04
Good for when you are sick...or when you are not.
xthaddeusx, 7 May 04
The best Czech liquer
Claus, 6 Oct 02

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