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Staroplzenecky Absinth

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Strong alcoholic liqueur made with herbal extracts, the main herb being wormwood. An emerald green drink with a distinctive taste. Manufactured according to the original French recipe with 70% alc. vol. and a production method that has been improved in excess of today's required standards. All the essential ingredients are carefully selected and processed to ensure the unique taste of Absinthe. Expressive taste and characteristic cloudy effect make this drink one of the best Absinthes on today's market. Contains 10 mg/kg of thujone. A genuine product with the original Czech label.

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Also available in .1l and .04l bottles

Drevena 7
Plzen  show me everything in Plzen
301 12
Czech Republic
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Tel: +420 1 8559 1722
Web: Click here

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 Detailed info
Distiller: L'OR Special Drinks
Available as: 0.25l Bottle, .5l Bottle
Alcohol Percentage: 70
Staroplzenecky Absinth

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