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Astrology and Tarot - Counseling and Online Classes

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Hi Everyone!

I have been combining my knowledge of Psychology, Astrology, Reiki and Tarot in the area of Relationships counseling. For 1 1/2 years I was involved in an online support group on AOL counseling on Addictive Relationships and Cyber Affairs.

I also teach classes in Beginner's Astrology, Chiron and the Asteroids as well as Tarot symbolism. I have been a guest speaker for Radio and Women's Spiritual groups. I obtained Reiki Certifications Levels I, II and Advanced Pre-Surgery and Visualization Technigues. Visit my websites for my Monthly Newsletter Lunar Notes which discusses the moon cycles for each month or e-mail to place your name on the mailing list at

FuchsiaStars: Astrological Insights
Karmic Astrology: The Soul's Journey

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Tel: +1 732-462-5239
Web: Click here

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Astrology and Tarot - Counseling and Online Classes

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