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Refund of VAT on exportation of goods by traveller

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PLEASE NOTE: As of the 1st of May 2004 if you are travelling from the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom even though the Czech Republic is now part of the European Union you can only take a MAXIMUM of two hundred cigarettes to the UK. If you take more than 200 Customs & Excise are likely to arrest you and put you in jail. The limitations on alcohol are the normal EU limitations.


A traveller (foreign natural person from OUTSIDE of the European Union) can request a refund of value added tax, (herein after termed as ""VAT"") subject to the following conditions :

1. The natural person in question is not a permanent or temporary resident in the Czech Republic AND is not a resident of any country within the European Union!
2. The goods in question are bought from a store showing the ""Global Refund Tax Free"" logo.
3. The price of the goods in question (including VAT) exceeds 2500 CZK per day per shop.
4. The goods in question are exported within 30 days from the date of purchase.
5. The VAT refund is claimed no later than six weeks from the date of purchase.

Step 1: At the time of purchase ask in the store for a Tax Free Shopping Cheque (completed with your name and address) and the Tax Free Envelope.
Step 2: Have the cheque stamped by Czech customs within 30 days from the date of purchase. NO refund is issued if there is no stamp!
Step 3: Hand the cheque in and collect straight cash at more than 200 payment points in Europe within SIX weeks from the date of purchase.

The fact that the goods have been exported is confirmed by the border Customs Offices on printed form called ""Value Added Tax Refund""

The Customs Office shall not endorse the form in the event:
* it does not contain all the required information
* the claimant fails to present proof of purchase to the border Customs Office
* the claimant fails to present the goods for inspection to the border Customs Office
* the goods in question are not presented to the border Customs Office by a foreign natural person
* the value of the purchase does not exceed CZK 2500
* the goods are presented by a person other than the traveller entitled to VAT refund (even if the person acts under the instrument of proxy granted by the foreign natural person in question)
* the VAT refund is claimed on a form different from the one issued by the Ministry of Finance.

The ""Value Added Tax Refund"" form cannot be used for export of goods that cannot be clearly presented for inspection to the Customs Office such as built in spare parts, fuel in reservoirs of vehicles. It can, however, be used for the export of fuel in petrol cans.

VAT is not refunded by the Customs or financial authorities. The refund can be claimed only at the seller (directly or through an agent) in the form of the Tax Free Shopping Cheque and then cashed at an appropriate Global Refund centre.

PLEASE NOTE: In line with EU rules shopping at the airport comes in two flavours ""Duty Free"" (see above) and ""Duty Paid"" for those travelling WITHIN the European Union.

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Refund of VAT on exportation of goods by traveller

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