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Karlovy Vary Hot Springs

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Known as prameny in Czech (singular: pramen), the hot springs in Karlovy Vary draw visitors from around the world every year.
Here is where you can take what's known as the ""Drinking Cure,"" prescribed by doctors for evrything from stomach discomfort to cancer. In little Karlovy Vary drinking vessels, you can partake from more than 15 springs which have spickets in the city center. They range in temperature from warm to very very hot. And be warned, because more than one person has come back from Karlovy Vary complaining of stomach problems after drinking too much from the springs!


 Getting there - public transport
Trains leave from Hlavni Nadrazi (Metro C - Red) Busses leave from Florenc (Metro B,C - Yellow,Red)

 Getting there - by car
About 1.5 hours Southwest of Prague

Karlovy Vary Hot Springs

Karlovy Vary Hot Springs
Karlovy Vary Hot Springs
Karlovy Vary Hot Springs
Karlovy Vary Hot Springs

dont drink the water
azura137, 7 May 04
"Drinking Cure" tastes terrible!
cram, 23 Jul 02

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