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Brewed in Plzen, next door to the Pilsner Urquell brewery and also owned by South African Breweries, Gambrinus is very popular in the Czech Republic, but you'll rarely find it in other countries - most exports are of the premium Pilsner Urquell brand. Gambrinus is usually cheaper than Pilsner Urquell when served in bars and markedly cheaper in supermarkets.

 Detailed info
Brewery: Pilsner Urquell
Available as: 0.33l Can, .5l Can, 0.33l Bottle, .5l Bottle
Available in other countries: No
Alcohol Percentage: No info at present

 Ratings (1-10)
Quality/taste of beer********** (7.4)
Morning after feelings********** (8.4)
Value for money********** (8.2)
(based on 5 votes)
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wish we could get it in england
baznkaz, 6 Feb 14
Not as bitter as Pilsner Urquell but that's why it's so drinkable and wonderful!
redpola, 30 Jan 09
best thing brewed in Plzen
azura137, 7 May 04

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