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Litomysl (Svitavy)

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Vilem Kostka of Postupice received Litomysl from Emperor Zikmund in 1436, after the Husite Wars. Vratislav of Pernstejn had a gorgeous Renaissance chateau with two-storied arcades surrounding a square courtyard (Casearian builders G. B. Aostalli and U. Aostalli headed the construction) built on the site of the old palace. After 1580, the facades were decorated with ornamental etchings and all sides of the chateau were complemented with emblems of the Czech Renaissance. The garden was re-landscaped and a romantic park was created at the end of the 19th century. Apart from the chateauís historical interiors, an older riding-school with an exhibition of African art and an older brewery, where the musican composer B. Smetana was born, are all open to the public. In 2000, Litomysl was added to a list of sights by UNESCO.


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