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Tanning, pedicure, manicure, health and beauty. These resources will all be of benefit to you personally.

Massage (47) 
Kolkata escorts, Independent kolkata models - 09619315281
Hairdressers (18) 
Hair by Mark Phillip
Baths / Saunas (3) 
Relaxlazne Kapa (relax spa)
Doctors (12) 
Beatrice Jacuch, M.Sc.
Tattoo Parlours (3)  
Dentists (9) 
Beauty in Prague
Beauty Studios (22) 
Beauty in Prague
Opticians (7)  
Tanning Studios (4)  
Holistic Crafts (2) 
Astrology and Tarot - Counseling and Online Classes
Counsellors (10) 
Astrology and Tarot - Counseling and Online Classes
Psychologists (10) 
Behar Center
a truly holistic experience
Sarah Johnson on m massage in Massage
treat yourself to the full body massage!!
michaelynnc on m massage in Massage
An excellent dentist
They take care of as good as in Thailand
Perfect !
Very friendly staff and great service.
alena dvorakova on Unique Salon in Hairdressers
I am not afraid of hairdessers any more
made me look 10 years younger
You can trust him.
Great doctor!
Rhenium3 (guru) on MUDr. Radim Brousil in Doctors
Thai massage by a proper doctor
Great location and great services (exept reflexology)
brunobutichelli on Thai World in Massage
Pricey but worth it
Get cut with confidence

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