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Not everything you hear about Prague is true and many rumors have been unjustifiably spread about the citizens of our fair city taking advantage of wide-eyed tourists.

That being said, Prague is an international city and any international city has its pitfalls. We recommend being especially wary of taxis hailed on the street, as there is almost zero regulation of the industry and many are mafia controlled. Never, under any circumstances, get a cab from Wenceslas Square at night. You will pay at least four times what the ride is worth, if not more. The best thing to do is call a reputable taxi service in advance of when you need the car - the radio taxi companies are much more strictly regulated, have English speaking dispatchers and are very well run. Some can even get a car to you within five minutes of the call. For a list of recommended taxi companies take a look at the Taxis and Radio Cars section of AllPraha.

Whilst the crime rate in Prague and the Czech Republic in general is very low, and violent crime very rare indeed - as with any major city, pick-pocketing is not uncommon Ð be sure you are aware of where your valuables are when using public transport, particularly when the train/metro/bus or station is crowded, as well as the areas around the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square, and the more crowded streets between Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Be aware of the more enterprising thieves working in gangs - one will distract you while another takes your wallet, purse or phone.

You should also be careful about examining your bill, especially in the more touristed restaurants. Although the practice of "bill padding" (adding a few crowns to the bill at the end) is rare, it can still occur. It has been legitimized in many places in the form of charging a few crowns for bread, condiments or the "couvert", which can be anything from 10-50 crowns per person. Just remember, in some cases, this is the restaurant just trying to make a little extra money and not everyone is out to rob you.

A particular street to avoid might be Perlovka (a street between Narodni Trida and Stavovske Divadlo), which is quite well known for being a less than desirable place to hang out and popular with streetwalkers.

In the end, we're sure that you'll find Prague as magical and beautiful a city as we have, and we hope that you'll return again and again.

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