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There are four main television channels in the Czech Republic:

Czech Television 1
Czech Television 2

If you're looking for a TV guide, iDnes have a very comprehensive programme listing, covering terrestrial, cable and satellite channnels.

Most foreign programmes or films are dubbed, but occasionally you may find that something is broadcast in dual audio (if you have a television capable of receiving dual audio - most modern Sony/Panasonic TVs can) you can tell by the on-screen stereo indicator displaying A or B inbetween the speaker icons as you flip channel. Consult your TV's manual for more info on how to switch.

If you're in the centre of Prague the chances are cable TV will be available which has many more channels mostly in Czech and German however, English language channels include BBC World, CNN, CNBC, Eurosport, TCM, MTV Europe

In some cases satellite TV may be available, and there are companies that will provide you with UK Sky TV, at a price.

Some technical info: TV is broadcast in the Czech Republic in PAL B-G format, this means you'll need PAL capable equipment to view and record it on. You can get scan converters to use NTSC (The US standard) equipment, but in practice this is expensive and rarely yields excellent results.

If you've got a TV, a television license (TV Poplatky) is compulsory, more information (in Czech only) available here:

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