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From shopping malls to street markets, here's some ways to spend your hard-earned cash.

Money (1) 
Czech Crowns (Koruny)
Shopping Malls (25) 
Markets (8) 
Bustehrad Collector's Market
Grocery and Drink Delivery (9) 
Computer Equipment and Dealers (24) 
Apple Iphone 7 128GB
Shopping Parks (2)  
Good service, fair prices
If you don't like crowds of people
alena dvorakova on OC Šestka in Shopping Malls
Incredibly fast service and competitive prices
Some bargains to be had but don't go crazy
A good place to shop
Easy to order online, quick delivery -- Best prices I've found in CZ!
Not for the Lazy people!
Rhenium3 (guru) on Andel - Novy Smichov in Shopping Malls
A small mall for the rich and stupid...
Rhenium3 (guru) on Slovansky Dum in Shopping Malls
One for the girls
Ick, too crowded
good for shopping in peace

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