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Okay so you're going to Prague or you're already here. Now what? You're in a foreign place, far from home, not everyone speaks your language - how are you going to survive?

No problem, AllPraha provides you with all the basic survival information you will need from withdrawing money, making telephone calls, emergencies to information centres.

Money (1) 
Czech Crowns (Koruny)
Things to Avoid  
Visas and Permits (14)  
Information Centres (20)  
Listings Magazines and Web Sites (554) 
Kate Gilbert, English Counsellor
Get On The Internet (8)  
Hospitals (6)  
Internet Based Services  
Keep Fit / Sport  
Personal Care / Services  
Emergency Services (12) 
Prague Flood August 2002 Photos
Late Night Chemists (7)  
Bank Holidays  
Useful Telephone Numbers (1)  
Great resource for stag weekends
a new, refreshing, irreverant, fun site
Long live Freedom of Speech!
Well I guess I had to say 10/10 for everything didn't I given it's my site ;)
Competent, effective, and friendly!
Outstanding facilities and staff, beware lousy cost control if paying yourself.
dicku on Na Homolce in Hospitals
Excellent emergency and other facilities
Beware of nurse.
Open late and that's great.
spidey (guru) on Lekarna in Late Night Chemists

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