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Your guide to using Mobile Phone technology in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Mobile phone technology is equal to or better in the Czech Republic to most western European countries. In fact more people use mobiles here than normal land line telephones!!!

Mobile phones can even be rented at Prague airport pretty much as soon as you get off the plane!!!

AllPraha Tip: You should always call land line numbers from a land line phone and mobile numbers from a mobile phone when possible. It is phenomenally more expensive to call land lines from mobiles and vice versa.

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The Phone House
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Mobile Phone (Using in the Czech Republic)  
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Great service !
Hey, sms is still free on internet!
Rhenium3 (guru) on Telefonica O2 in Mobile Networks
Strong signal, could be cheaper
It's my fav!
Rhenium3 (guru) on Eurotel Go in Pay As You Go SIMs
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detailThe iPhone 3G in the Czech Republic


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