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Do you want to learn about the Czech Republic, Prague or even the local language? Here is a huge selection of what, where and how to learn about the country, its culture and its history. Whether you are here for two days and want to learn the main points or you live here and want to become a more rounded citizen this section is for you.

Museums (29) 
Museum of Communism
Guided tours (27) 
McGee's Ghost Tours of Prague
Learning Czech (2)  
Language Schools (36) 
Oxford TEFL s.r.o.
Guide Books (11) 
Lonely Planet: Prague
Universities / Colleges (8) 
University of Economics Prague
Information Centres (20)  
TEFL courses (20) 
Oxford TEFL s.r.o.
History (15) 
AC Sparta Prague (Football)
Cultural Centres (14) 
The British Council
News Sources (7) 
Czech Happenings
Learning English  
Adult Education (15) 
Astrology and Tarot - Counseling and Online Classes
Culture (4)  
Libraries (3)  
DO NOT WORK HERE! They can not deliver on their promises. Great Course but not worth the money since there is no job guarantee!
This is Sparta ....
Affordable and professional
A bit of a boneshaker, but well worth a ride
If you're here for more than a week, go get it!
Very useful, if you like to stroll - and read basic Czech.
If you stay here for long time, this is a must.
You love it if you can read it!
If you come for a day or two only...
Highly recommended
ankandersen on Via Lingua in TEFL courses
Ticket buying made difficult
It's not perfect, but I'm happy!
Fabulously Comprehensive
machgunsid on Prague Schools in TEFL courses

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