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So you're thinking of coming to Prague for yours or your mate's stag party? Prague is quickly becoming the European city to do it in. With many ways to be entertained on the cheap and some of the most beautiful sights (and women) in the world, plus beer you'll never forget -- Prague is your stag destination. Here's some places to get started.

Escort Agencies (43)  
Night Clubs (Erotic) (43) 
AAA club-Escort Prague
Disco / Dance Clubs (74) 
Bars (129) 
Things to Avoid  
Absinthe (10) 
Absinth King of Spirits
Fun Stuff (21) 
Magnum Shooting Range
Beers (Czech) (18) 
Budvar (Budweiser)
Stag and Hen Trip Organisers (27) 
Chillisauce Prague Stag Weekends
Irish Bars (12) 
Caffrey's Irish Bar
Casinos (10) 
Banco Casino
Cocktail Bars (22) 
Al Capone's
Random and Quirky  

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