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The Czech Republic is a heavy smoking nation but who can blame them with the stress and anxieties they have been put through in the past.

A new law was passed early on in 2002 that restricted sales of cigarettes to a fixed price wherever they were sold (local shop, newsagent, superstore, bar, restaurant) e.g. 20 Marlboro Lights = 58 czk. However, that was for the cigarettes alone. An establishment can sell you the cigarettes and something else such as a box of matches for whatever they want so you have been warned!!!

However, the button that brought you here was a "non-smoking" logo. This is for a reason. Many western visitors and indeed expats living here might be used to "no smoking zones" or even completely "no smoking establishments". Currently this is a rarity in Prague but it's getting better hence we at AllPraha wanted to make it easier for you to find such places.

Many relevant resources (such as bars, restaurants and cafes) that are posted on AllPraha have a "Smoking Policy" additional information section. This section covers the following options:

  • Smoking Throughout
  • Non Smoking Area
  • Non Smoking Only

Smoking Throughout is regarded as the "default" or the norm. To see the resource's Smoking Policy simply view a resource's main information page. Where possible the Smoking Policy will be displayed.

If you are entering new information into our system try to bear in mind whether the resource has a no smoking policy. Of course if you are the owner of a resource you can enter this information too along with thinking about what you can do to make your resource a better experience for non smokers. To enter such information click on the "Tell us even more about this Bar and make AllPraha even more useful >" heading on the add/edit resource page which will drop a list down to reveal one of the questions with the above listed options for you to tick.

For your benefit we include two automated searches at the bottom of this page to help you find all the places that are non-smoking only, or have a no-smoking area.

If you feel you can contribute ideas or information to this valuable and growing aspect of our guide feel free to contact us.

Non-smoking Only Places  
Places with Non-smoking Areas  

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