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With Prague fast becoming one of the top party towns in Europe dancing is well catered for. From techno, trance and clubbing through to jazz, classical and modern dance is all available. Even lessons in some cases. So if you're here to dance the night away on a weekend trip or you live here and want to learn "Salsa" then Prague's got it.

Disco / Dance Clubs (74) 
Chateau L'enfer Rouge
Jazz Clubs (10) 
Jazz Club Ungelt
Events (Ballet)  
Salsa (6) 
Kolektivo SalsaFever - Salsa and Latino party in Prague
Belly Dancing (2) 
Dance Lessons (8) 
Square and Round Dancing (2)  
gayguidenet on A Club in Disco / Dance Clubs
gayguidenet on Club Angel in Disco / Dance Clubs
Gejzeer cliosed. There is Valentino now.
gayguidenet on Gejzeer in Disco / Dance Clubs
Reinado cliosed some years ago.
gayguidenet on Reinado in Disco / Dance Clubs
Toms cliosed some years ago.
gayguidenet on Tom's Bar in Disco / Dance Clubs
pond?lí (monday) 18:00-22:00
The best live music for dancing and entertaiment
Ever so slightly school disco
cost alot to get in and there was nothing but men in there
aaronk75 on Duplex in Disco / Dance Clubs
loving it!
JanaRay on Roxy in Disco / Dance Clubs
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Multipurpose Bar/Restaurant/Cafe with delicious food (details...)

Francouzsk√° 4,
Prague 2

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Francouzsk√° 4, Vinohrady, Prague 2


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