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2 May 05 - ruderoy on Raiffeisenbank in Banks...
«great bank, prices, staff»
computer, phone and normal banking. A cut above the rest in Czech republic.
No "expat" accounts. Normal accounts for normal people.
ruderoy rated Raiffeisenbank like this: Quality of service: 10, Quality of facilities: 10, Friendliness: 10
22 Apr 05 - ruderoy on CSOB in Banks...
«stay away»
avoid this bank like the plague! very poor costumer relations!
Even czech people have problems with this bank!
ruderoy rated CSOB like this: Quality of service: 1, Quality of facilities: 1, Friendliness: 1
22 Apr 05 - ruderoy on GE Capital in Banks...
«go elsewhere»
no services for foreigners beyond a basic account. There are better banks.
ruderoy rated GE Capital like this: Quality of service: 2, Quality of facilities: 7, Friendliness: 2
picture of Bowling Centrum RAN20 Dec 04 - ruderoy on Bowling Centrum RAN in Games...
«over priced rip off»
For the prices charged, double or triple elsewhere, you would at least expect the score systems to work. They don't we spent as much time correcting scores as bowling.
Yes, the lanes are the correct length, but the balls are chipped up.
ruderoy rated Bowling Centrum RAN like this: Quality of equipment: 2, Value for money: 1, Atmosphere: 7
11 Oct 04 - ruderoy on in Listings Magazines and Web Sites...
«a new, refreshing, irreverant, fun site»
A new site, different from the other two. Give this new site a try. However, if you are thin skinned or are offended easily, stay away!
ruderoy rated like this: Quality of information: 8, Quality of reporting: -, Value for money: -
30 Sep 04 - ruderoy on San Miguel in Restaurants...
«czech prices for stuuf, good place to have some beer, but avoid the food»
My food was extremely salty, as was others in our party. It was actually inedible, no apology or price break. The atmosphere is lovely though.
ruderoy rated San Miguel like this: Food: 2, Service: 3, Atmosphere: 7



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