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A good place to shop, takeshi, 2 Aug 05
This mall is pretty good. What really makes it is a nice cinema and the excellent Carre Four supermarket.
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Not for the Lazy people!, Rhenium3, 25 Jun 04
Huge mall! It sucks when the store you need to go to is at the very end. This place needs a tram more than ever. Okay, so I am a lazy american, give me a break!
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Ick, too crowded, Myra, 11 May 04
Ick, too crowded and mostly with teeniboppers and streetkids.
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stores for everyone, xthaddeusx, 7 May 04
This mall has stores for everyone. It is convenient to have all the stores in one place.
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Great shopping mall almost in city centre, Camuska, 6 Dec 03
I like this place - close to the city centre, good connection by tram and metro. There are all good shops. But sometimes too crowded.
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Great for mallrats, charlie, 8 Sep 02
If you're fed up of all the shops in your neighbourhood closing at lunchtime on Saturday and not opening again till Monday, then Novy Smichov is exactly what you need; a mega-mall that's open till late every day. If you came to Prague to get away from the mallrats, then stay well away.
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Andel - Novy Smichov

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