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Proper steak, petr, 20 Nov 08
Ok, I have tried Retro restaurant once more. This Time I ordered a steak from young Argentinian bull with spinach and potatoes. The food was excellent, the steak was properly medium done. After my previous experience I did not expect anything special, but I was nicely surpriced. If you like steaks, Retro is a good choice.

petr rated Retro like this: Food: 10, Service: 8, Atmosphere: 8
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Bustling bar/restaurant serving up damn fine steaks, charlie, 20 Nov 08
I'd never had a T-Bone steak before in my life (I'm English and since the BSE scare beef on the bone's strictly a no-no) but was very impressed with this one. The portion size was on the generous side, the meat very tasty - get it with the pepper sauce for maximum effect. The carpaccio starter I had was well executed - I'd order it again, though would probably ask for more parmesan shavings and no capers. The fillet steak my friend had was a perfectly cooked medium - tender, juicy and not bloody. I'd probably go for that next time.

charlie rated Retro like this: Food: 9, Service: 8, Atmosphere: 8
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petr, 10 Nov 08
I had dinner at Retro for the first time, service was fast and the food was prepared quickly. I tried salmon, it was not bad, it was not excellent. The restaurant was a little bit noisy, but that's part of Retro's atmosphere. Maybe next time I will try some steak, which was recommended to me. My taste buds were pleased a little bit more after I tried tiramisu as a sweet course. The restaurant is just one part and in the future I will definitely visit some of their live music concerts.

petr rated Retro like this: Food: 7, Service: 9, Atmosphere: 8
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