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9 Apr 18 - nkengemma86 on Jobs in Prague in Job Listings...
«Human Resources Officer»
Human Resources Management
nkengemma86 rated Jobs in Prague like this: Quality of listing: 4

picture of Royal Wedding - wedding planner in Prague, Czech Republic19 Jan 18 - Mushkiterrihonov on Royal Wedding - wedding planner in Prague, Czech Republic in Weddings...
«Royal Wedding - Unprofessional Service»
My wife & I have been to Prague many times & think it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth & couldn’t recommend Prague enough to have a wedding. I also want to say that we are very easy-going people but we expect a service to be good, at least - decent. With that being said, I would NEVER recommend getting married through Royal Wedding.
We chose Royal Wedding because they had good reviews and not only did Tim respond quickly (at least prior to receiving our deposit) but he was able to promise us an OFFICIAL wedding in the Vrtba garden. We hired Royal Wedding, booked our flights & hotel and that is when Tim started to disappoint us repeatedly.
About 45 days before the wedding he told us that we couldn’t have an official wedding in the garden. He told us we would have to get married outside of Prague first & then have a ceremonial wedding in the garden after. We told Tim this was 100% unacceptable but he didn’t seem to care & kept making up excuses & even missed scheduled skype meetings.
When asking Tim about other services such as photographers, restaurants, flowers, etc. Tim only sent us a few links that anyone could've googled. He doesn’t have any brochures to send his clients. We found out after contacting a few photographers that Tim charges a much higher price if he books them for you.
In terms of helping us with the wedding, we never even met Tim until the day after our wedding when it was all said & done, or Kirill who was supposed to help us with our documents. Instead Tim had his event DJ, Bogdan do all of the work. Our registration at the Police station not only took an entire morning but it was extremely stressful because Tim didn’t supply Bogdan with all the appropriate paperwork & we ended up paying a $50 fine. These are just a few of the issues we had.
I hope that Royal Wedding learns from their mistakes & starts treating their clients with respect, fulfilling their obligations & providing them with the services they paid for.
Mushkiterrihonov rated Royal Wedding - wedding planner in Prague, Czech Republic like this: Quality of customer service: 1, Quality of wedding: 1, Value for money: 1

19 Jul 16 - SK on CSOB in Banks...
«they treat you like crap»
Worst bank ever. Customer service? HAHAHA
It seems like they try to make it as difficult as possible for their clients. I was with them for 5 years and wanted to get a credit card, but they made it so difficult that it was just not worth it.
They are also constantly making the deal worse: up the fees for cash withdrawals, lowers the savings rate, etc.
And on top of all of that, they treat you like crap.
Closing the account was the best decision to make.
SK rated CSOB like this: Quality of service: 1, Quality of facilities: 1, Friendliness: 1

5 May 16 - Pjean9213 on K5 Relax in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
I went to Prague 3 weeks ago for business for the first time. About K5 told me my friends, they visited 2 years ago and from 5 days stayed there 4 nights in row :) (they did try also other places, but they liked this one best). Didnt know what to expect, we have striptease clubs or escorts, but not places, where you can relax immediately. Security downstairs – which is good to feel secure, was very polite. On reception was standing lady manager – brunette and one of the ladies showed me the places. It was tuesday, already few people inside, but not too crowded. I was a bit nervous :) the manager – Petra came to my table and explained me all the system. The computers on the tables are very helpfull, some of the girls were busy, so on the screen you can see all girls which are there in the night. I took few drinks, also steak for eat – very tasty, tooked a time to look around and later on I met lady name Selma. She is beautifull (most of the girls speak english, if you can decide by yourself, the manager helps you). I dont kiss and tell, but I had really terrific evening with a lot of fun and relax :)
For sure I will be back, shame Prague is not nearer 

18 Oct 15 - honeyjessica on Beer and Bowling Diner in Games...

I will like us to be friend please write me direct to my
mail( i have something important to tell you
please write direct to my mail not in allpraha
, Value for money: 0, Atmosphere: 0

13 Mar 15 - m.laudadio on K5 Relax in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
Best Gentlemen Night Club In Prague

Hallo everybody ,

I have been in holiday last week in Prague, what a great city! Full History and of-course full of pussy!
Guys if you go to Prague you must go and check the best Club .

Have a good one!

picture of Z-Market23 Feb 15 - bharguvnshi on Z-Market in Grocery and Drink Delivery...
«lost love great vashikaran 09950155702»
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bharguvnshi rated Z-Market like this: Value for money: 4, Order Accuracy: 4, Speed of Delivery: 4

picture of Camp Drusus24 Feb 14 - Rakos on Camp Drusus in Camping...
«Please delete this review.»
I‘m testing this form and writing a guide for sending a review. Please delete this review.
Sorry for troubles!
I‘m testing this form and writing a guide for sending a review. Please delete this review.
Sorry for troubles!
I‘m testing this form and writing a guide for sending a review. Please delete this review.
Sorry for troubles!
I‘m testing this form and writing a guide for sending a review. Please delete this review.
Sorry for troubles!
Rakos rated Camp Drusus like this: Quality of service: 5, Quality of facilities: 5, Value for money: 5

picture of Gambrinus6 Feb 14 - baznkaz on Gambrinus in Beers (Czech)...
«wish we could get it in england»
visited prague 18 times now and after our first visit we fell in love with gambrinus
baznkaz rated Gambrinus like this: Quality/taste of beer: 9, Morning after feelings: 8, Value for money: 10

picture of Lime&Tonic14 Jul 12 - LimeAndTonic on Lime&Tonic in Restaurants...
«Get Inspired. »
Great offers on the best things to do in Prague.
LimeAndTonic rated Lime&Tonic like this: Food: 10, Service: 10, Atmosphere: 10

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