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24 Jun 11 - manager on Reduta in Jazz Clubs...
«Live jazz in Prague, Národní street 20, Prague. Invite Reduta jazz club! »
In the famous Reduta Jazz Club you can enjoy performances of various jazz styles, funky,
fusion, mainstream, blues and dixieland music. Also check the programme for latin and pop-rock
Reduta is unique for its excellent acoustics and grand piano used by our Big Bands playing
in their standard formations. Come to spend an unforgettable night in a special atmosphere
in our legendary jazz club with famous and young musicians, prominent guests and exclusive
events! As well as the main performance you can also visit our Saxophone bar and drink draught
Pilsner beer straight from the saxophone!
manager rated Reduta like this: Quality of Music: 10, Service: 10, Good vibes: 9

4 Dec 08 - petr on Reduta in Jazz Clubs...
«For real jazz experts»
I am not a real fan of Jazz, I have been there just once by chance, the music was good, service fast ... It is quite expensive, but you are in one of the most famous jazz clubs !
petr rated Reduta like this: Quality of Music: 7, Service: 8, Good vibes: 7
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9 Jul 08 - charlie on Electro World in Consumer Electronics...
«A much better experience when shopping online»
If you've got a basic understanding of Czech, shopping via the Electro World website is a lot easier than going there in person. On the one occasion I shopped in store (admittedly a couple of years ago now) the salesperson I dealt with was adamant about sticking to a rule that meant whilst I could have a freezer delivered (at a cost) I couldn't get a microwave delivered at the same time - I would have to take that away with me.

Therefore the rating I've given is for the online store more than the retail location.

Shopping online is much better - you get free delivery when you spend over 1500Kc (if you pay by bank transfer or card) or 5000Kc when you pay cash-on-delivery. You can compare products side-by-side, and there's plenty of product information. Prices are very keen too (for the Czech Republic, obviously most things would be cheaper in Germany or the UK) too. The 'recyklacni poplatek' is included in the price, so no niggling little additions to the total, unlike most of their smaller competitors.
charlie rated Electro World like this: Range: 8, Quality of goods: 9, Value for money: 8
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picture of Jazz Club Ungelt14 Aug 06 - e2echief on Jazz Club Ungelt in Jazz Clubs...
«Unjelt Great..Richientn stay AT Home...»
I go to this club each time i visit Prague..Lubos and Reesie always rock the place..a question for you richientn why do you keep going to Prague if every review you write is condemning the place...And whats the attraction of bleeding rocky o Bleeding Reillys anyway??, Service: 0, Good vibes: 0

picture of Jazz Club Ungelt24 Jul 06 - richientn1 on Jazz Club Ungelt in Jazz Clubs...
«Good when the irish not there.»
the music was good, but the crowd the worst of the irish from Kildare, pushy eldery, thinking they own the place, stay away.
richientn1 rated Jazz Club Ungelt like this: Quality of Music: 8, Service: 7, Good vibes: 2
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picture of MMC Universe (formerly Deminka)19 Aug 05 - andriz on MMC Universe (formerly Deminka) in Music Bars...
Nice Music-Bar, nice people, moderate prices. Music... very, very mainstream.
50% czech, 50% tourists.

29 Jan 05 - Ashraf_Hassan on Dj Ashraf Hassan in DJs and Booking Agencies...
«Adam Danischewsky»
yeep he iz good
Ashraf_Hassan rated Dj Ashraf Hassan like this: Quality of Music: 9, Technique: 10

picture of Jazz Club Ungelt23 Jan 05 - KW on Jazz Club Ungelt in Jazz Clubs...
«Yes. Yes. Yes.»
Better than chocolate.
KW rated Jazz Club Ungelt like this: Quality of Music: 10, Service: 10, Good vibes: 10

23 Dec 04 - Laus on U Maleho Glena in Jazz Clubs...
«The reason why I go to Prague»
This place is the best! It is small and intimate - in fact, if it was any smaller, you'd be wearing the musicians' clothes.
I go there as often as possible, and I have never - NEVER!!! - been disappointed.
Laus rated U Maleho Glena like this: Quality of Music: 10, Service: 10, Good vibes: 10
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27 Sep 04 - legman on Reduta in Jazz Clubs...
«Not so great.»
Bizarre atmosphere.
legman rated Reduta like this: Quality of Music: 7, Service: 5, Good vibes: 6
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