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13 Feb 10 - PaulMichelle on The Caledonian School in Language Schools...
You will probably want to choose Caledonian School because of their job guarantee. However, Caledonian School in Prague should be avoided for the following reasons:

1. THEY LIE ON THE WEBSITE ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU WILL MAKE: They claim that you will earn between 15,000czk and 20,000czk per month on their website. However, given the rate of pay (178czk per teaching hour, which they don't tell you until you get to Prague), it is actually impossible to even earn 15,000, the low end, with the 20 teaching hours they guarantee you. In addition, they do not protect you against student cancellations, so if your students cancel, and they often do, you are left with much less. For example, a teacher I knew worked over 30 teaching hours a week and ended up with an average of only 13,000czk at the end of each month, which is much less than people working the register at Tesco make and is simply not a living wage. This is disgraceful considering that some companies pay 1,000czk for a 90 minute lesson.

2. THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR CONTRACTS: Recently they decided to cut their teacher's pay by 5% and cancel the yearly bonus of 2% pay increase. They got around the legally binding contracts with their employees by essentially forcing teachers, who rely on them for visas and live paycheck to paycheck, to sign a new contract.

3. THEY LIE ABOUT THE NUMBER OF HOURS YOU WILL BE TEACHING: The truth is that though you only work 20 "teaching hours", you will be running all over the city without being paid for it. In truth you will be working more than full time because you will have to travel an average of 45 minutes to an hour between each lesson. Many of your lessons will begin before 8am and end well after 5pm, plus travel time.

5: THEY LIE ABOUT VISA SUPPORT: They bring people from abroad to the Czech Republic, often through the TEFL program, offering a promise of visa support. However, it is illegal to enter the Czech Republic on a tourist visa and then apply for a work visa. You must apply from your home country. They get around this by getting people they know at the embassy to bend the rules. The problem with this is that it's not 100% effective, and every so often a whole group of people applying for their visas are sent home under threat of deportation when their 3 month tourist stay runs out. These unlucky teachers have the additional joy of potentially being banned from Europe for 3 years for overstaying their visas and working illegally.

6. THEY LIE ABOUT HEALTH INSURANCE: They are required by law to provide you with health insurance. They promise that they provide it as a part of their benefits package. However, what they call "insurance" is a system of repayment where you must pay for your medical expenses out of your own pocket and hope that the school will pay you back. This "insurance" does not include dental, ongoing conditions, or preventative care. Plus, you can only go to one remote hospital's emergency room. As the law requires you to have real insurance, you must show proof of it when you apply for your visa. Again, Caledonian finds people who will bend the rules for them, which doesn't always work.

7. THEY USE A LOOPHOLE IN THE LAW TO DEPRIVE YOU OF BENEFITS: They are registered as a UK company, which means that they can get around giving you the benefits that all people in the Czech Republic enjoy by law, like holiday time and benefit credits for meals, etc.

I've never spoken to a happy teacher at Caledonian School. In Prague they have a reputation for being the worst school to work for. Most teachers leave within the first year, which is in the school's best interest, since they make so much money off of their TEFL course owing to the job guarantee. This is unfortunate because the TEFL certificate that you receive from Caledonian is not as well respected as most other programs (i.e. CELTA).

If you are coming to Prague to teach or to take a TEFL course, please research other schools. There are better options.

PaulMichelle rated The Caledonian School like this: Quality of company: 1, Quality of teachers: 6, Social life: 4

picture of Caledonian School30 Jul 09 - klaus on Caledonian School in TEFL courses...
«DO NOT WORK HERE! They can not deliver on their promises. Great Course but not worth the money since there is no job guarantee!»
Among the list of complaints: rude, impersonal, unprofessional staff; very high teacher turnover (never a good sign); and below average pay relative to other schools; and an oppressive and intimidating, authoritarian management style of treating new teachers. I would not recommend Caledonian. They are a large corporate franchise also in Bratislava; your efforts working there will line the pockets of Caledonian management and its owners–while you scrape by living hand to mouth.
klaus rated Caledonian School like this: Quality of course: 8, Quality of facilities: 6, Friendliness: 1

picture of AC Sparta Prague (Football)2 Sep 08 - petr on AC Sparta Prague (Football) in History...
«This is Sparta ....»
Maybe it would be better to say: This was Sparta ... The most shiny times have gone and now Sparta still finishes in the top 2 with Slavia, but they don't play in the champions league, just the UEFA cup. But it is just a small stadium. average attendance is quite weak, so Sparta's fans can just hope that the next years will be better.
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picture of Sex Machine Museum15 Feb 08 - aaronk75 on Sex Machine Museum in Museums...
«were else can you eat ice cream and look at anti-masterbation suits»
If you have time to kill this is a good stop.Its in the heart of Prague in the town center right next to an Ice Cream shop its a very interesting place I will definately be going back in March with my friend you see some crazy stuff
aaronk75 rated Sex Machine Museum like this: Impressiveness: 8, Quality of facilities: 8, Value for money: 10
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picture of Museum of Medieval Torture17 Sep 05 - Harris on Museum of Medieval Torture in Museums...
Here is a bit of a diversion for a wet day perhaps. Want some ideas for when the other half, or the kids, are playing you up? Well, you will have gone to the right place if you visit this museum. There seems to be nothing that the medieval mind wasn't capable of devising. Don't expect a Chamber of Horrors though! There are no waxworks here, just some of the devices, or at least facsimiles of them, that were used for torture. But, the museum is well supported with illustrations and write-ups. Yes, I am glad that I went, even though, it lowered my opinion of my fellow man, albeit from a very long time ago. Oh! Look out for the chastity belts, could be a good little earner these days for an entrepreneur, especially the one for men!! Terry Harris.
Harris rated Museum of Medieval Torture like this: Impressiveness: 7, Quality of facilities: 7, Value for money: 7
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picture of Spider Exhibition17 Sep 05 - Harris on Spider Exhibition in Museums...
I know you want to! But you can't (despite the photos). Can't what? Well, pick up the spiders of course! At least you couldn't when I went. A good exhibition, although the tanks are pretty small. But if you are a spider, and someone keeps throwing you bugs - Who cares? You do get to see them that way, and some of them are active. If waving your legs about can be considered as active (It might be in my house!). Not many scorpions here, so it's the spiders that take centre stage. A good show. lots of different spiders from all over the world. When you are tired of churches, bridges and museums, go and see the spiders! And maybe the keeper will let you pet one!! Terry Harris.
Harris rated Spider Exhibition like this: Impressiveness: 9, Quality of facilities: 7, Value for money: 9
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picture of TEFL Worldwide7 Sep 05 - marty_m on TEFL Worldwide in TEFL courses...
I can't say enough good things about this course. Terry and Paul (the instructors) were thorough and very very encouraging. I had never taught before after I was done - I know I can teach. Their enthusiasm for what they do was always on display...great experience!!!
marty_m rated TEFL Worldwide like this: Quality of course: 10, Quality of facilities: 10, Friendliness: 10

picture of Spider Exhibition4 Sep 05 - wanderer on Spider Exhibition in Museums...
Fascinating exhibition, mostly spiders and almost all on view. Loads on information, much in English. The glass tank walls could have been cleaner. Entrance was 100 Kc.
wanderer rated Spider Exhibition like this: Impressiveness: 10, Quality of facilities: 7, Value for money: 10
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picture of National Technical Museum30 Aug 05 - Harris on National Technical Museum in Museums...
This a museum that has some magnificent collections, such as clocks and photographic equipment which collectors and enthusiasts will just love. Everything is well displayed and everywhere is spotlessly clean. Whatever your interest though, do not miss the Transport Hall. Here there is a great collection of steam engines, cars and aeroplanes, among other things. We were limited in time when we visited, so we are unable to see all of the halls. Special exhibitions are sometimes put onto display, and we were lucky that the Giger exhibition had been extended, so we were able to see the creations of this amazing man, who perhaps is best known for his work on the "Alien" series and other films. If you have seen enough bridges and churches, go to the National Technical Museum. I dont think that you will be disappointed. Terry.C.Harris.
Harris rated National Technical Museum like this: Impressiveness: 8, Quality of facilities: 4, Value for money: 8
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picture of TEFL Worldwide26 May 05 - Gina on TEFL Worldwide in TEFL courses...
This is a rewarding course with amaying faculty and staff to help guide your experience. I would reccomend this to anyone interested in earning a TEFL certificate! Please email me if you have any questions.
Gina rated TEFL Worldwide like this: Quality of course: 10, Quality of facilities: 10, Friendliness: 10

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