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1 Jul 08 - petr on DHL in Couriers (international)...
«Delivery service with no problem»
I can just recommend ...
petr rated DHL like this: Quality of service: 9, Speed of service: 9, Value for money: 9
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1 Aug 05 - mootsi on Channel Crossings in Translation Services...
how are you, Level of accuracy/competency: 0, Value for money: 0

27 Sep 04 - legman on Ceska Posta in Postal Services...
As long as they dont steal your uninsured packages.
legman rated Ceska Posta like this: Quality of service: 5, Speed of service: 5, Value for money: 5
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picture of FedEx / Federal Express30 Jun 04 - Case on FedEx / Federal Express in Couriers (international)...
«Good Service»
Only con is they dont ship domestically. International shipping only. But quite good all the same.
Case rated FedEx / Federal Express like this: Quality of service: 10, Speed of service: 10, Value for money: 10
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28 Dec 03 - takeshi on DHL in Couriers (international)...
«Don't trust 'em, don't use 'em»
Absolutely godawful company that lied, lied and then lied again after taking my money and then charging me even more when THEY screwed up! Their customer service is despicable and although it is nice for the local economy that they are setting up their new world data centre here in Prague, they are crap and shouldn't have a business in the first place...
takeshi rated DHL like this: Quality of service: 1, Speed of service: 1, Value for money: 1
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