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5 May 16 - Pjean9213 on K5 Relax in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
I went to Prague 3 weeks ago for business for the first time. About K5 told me my friends, they visited 2 years ago and from 5 days stayed there 4 nights in row :) (they did try also other places, but they liked this one best). Didnt know what to expect, we have striptease clubs or escorts, but not places, where you can relax immediately. Security downstairs – which is good to feel secure, was very polite. On reception was standing lady manager – brunette and one of the ladies showed me the places. It was tuesday, already few people inside, but not too crowded. I was a bit nervous :) the manager – Petra came to my table and explained me all the system. The computers on the tables are very helpfull, some of the girls were busy, so on the screen you can see all girls which are there in the night. I took few drinks, also steak for eat – very tasty, tooked a time to look around and later on I met lady name Selma. She is beautifull (most of the girls speak english, if you can decide by yourself, the manager helps you). I dont kiss and tell, but I had really terrific evening with a lot of fun and relax :)
For sure I will be back, shame Prague is not nearer 

13 Mar 15 - m.laudadio on K5 Relax in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
Best Gentlemen Night Club In Prague

Hallo everybody ,

I have been in holiday last week in Prague, what a great city! Full History and of-course full of pussy!
Guys if you go to Prague you must go and check the best Club .

Have a good one!

19 Dec 11 - jannowak on Night Club Escade in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
This is by far the worst club of its kind of all of the many such clubs I visited Prague. The manager of this brothel engages in the worst kind of arm twisting as soon as you enter. He pressures you to accept a "promotion" that for 4000 CZK, one has a half an hour with an escort which one has to chose instantly. I paid a 500 CZK cover but was forced to leave within about 15 minutes because the manager came over and insisted I buy an expensive "ladies drink" for the woman I was talking to and would not leave me alone when I asked him to stop pressuring me, forcing me out of the club. Avoid this place like the plague -- go to Sweet Paradise or Club K5 Relax instead.

30 Jan 09 - AjEdwards on Sugars Cabaret in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
«A+ Best place around.»
A wonderful experiance. I was a bit nervous and they were very nice, never took advantage of me or ripped me off. I got there early, a bit before they opened and they let me in, got me a drink and in under 5 minutes had a girl dancing for me while I relaxed and waited for the club to open. Once some girls got there I was set up with one and at no point was I pressured, nor was I rushed. This was the perfect first experience, so good that I went back later that night! They were just as wonderful and gracious as the first time. Thier website isn 't very good, but the prices are great and the women just as beautiful as the ones in the expensive clubs. I went to one of those first and the were pushy and put a lot of pressure on me so i left.
Sugars made my first Prague experience a wonderful one. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing and wonderful experience!

9 Dec 08 - ivarber6 on Sexy Go Go Cabaret in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
«Action with naked, good looking girls day and night»
I was at 3 different clubbs i prauge and Sexy GoGo Cabaret had the best looking girls. The girs showed it all and it was girls streeptising all the time, also lesbians. Driks was not the cheepest but not to expecive. Privet danse was good valy for money.

picture of AAA club-Escort Prague27 Aug 08 - Pedro on AAA club-Escort Prague in Night Clubs (Erotic)...
«... wonderful night ...»
I expected wonderful night, but my visit of AAA surpassed my expactations. A couple of drinks to get in spirited mood, pretty clean room with swimming bath and lovely girls ... When I was leaving, i knew I wasn't there for last time


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