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   Services (Domestic) >> Recycling recycles and supports the idea of recycling programs not just here in the Czech Republic, but everywhere in the world. The Czech Republic has official policies, movements and groups trying to stem the tide of environmentally unfriendly practices. Although the country has some way to go to being perfect, in the case of the recycling facilities in Prague, quite frankly, they are much better than some "well developed western capital cities"!

Prague has communal recycling facilities for paper, plastic and glass. They are usually to be found as "kerbside" large bins / skips on the corners of most streets. They are colour coded according to the waste product. Some buildings have communal recycling boxes.

Czech name: Papir
Colour of bin / skip: Blue

A lot of paper is used in the Czech Republic but thankfully a lot of it is recycled. Paper recycling is achieved easily by simply dropping it into the relevant recycle collection point. An interesting point here is that usually you do not need to discriminate between paper and cardboard unlike some EU countries!

Czech name: Plasty
Colour of bin / skip: Yellow

Polythene and plastic bottles are prime candidates for recycling. Stick it all in a plastic bag and just dump the whole lot in the relevant collection point. With mineral water, Coca-Cola and Pepsi beverages all available in plastic bottles it's easy to amass product for recycling.

Czech name: Sklo
Colour of bin / skip: Green

Glass can be recycled easily and quickly. Usually you do not need to discriminate between the colour of glass unlike some EU countries. And there's plenty of glass around including mineral water, beer and Bohemia Sekt! In addition to this beer bought in glass bottles has a refund value for the return of the empty bottle at participating sellers/locations! In Czech this is called Óvykup lahviÓ

There appears to be a lack of recycling for this commodity in the Czech Republic. If anyone can help us out with information in regard to recycling this material we would be very interested in hearing from you.


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