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Parking spaces on the streets of central Prague are hard to come by and illegally parked cars will either be clamped or towed. Most parts of the city now have very strict parking regulations, with parking permits required. There are some large car parks on the edge of the centre, and most of the larger hotels provide parking for guests, at a fee. Permanent residents of Prague should be able to obtain a parking permit to park relatively close, if not outside your apartment. Parking outside the center is much easier.

Parking is only allowed on the right side of the road, but this restriction does not apply to one-way roads. Parking along a tram line is prohibited unless a 3.5-metre wide lane is left between the vehicle and the tram lane. Don't park within five metres of an intersection, pedestrian crossing, or public transportation stop. Don't park within fifteen metres of a train crossing.

You are recommended to use the Park and Ride facilities offered on the outskirts of the city.

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detailAirport Parking
Ruzyne Airport, Aviaticka 12, Prague 6
Tel:+420 220 11 4022
Payment methods: Local Currency

detailHlidane Parkoviste Praha 8
Na Malem Klinu, Prague 8
Tel:+420 2 8581 2001
Payment methods: Local Currency

detailNon Stop Parking
note: Shut Down
Bozeny Nemcove, Vinohrady, Prague 2
Tel:+420 603 963 440
Payment methods: Local Currency

Quality of facilities********** (3.0)
Security/CCTV********** (1.0)
Lighting********** (1.0)
detailNon Stop Parking
Lyskova, Prague 5
Tel:+420 605 872 676
Payment methods: Local Currency

detailParking Praha
Wilsonova, Prague 1
Tel:+420 22422 6383
Payment methods: Local Currency


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