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Promotion Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in promotion on AllPraha, which will elevate your positioning and heighten your prominence on the site. We have a choice of promotion packages available and can even work with you to develop a customized plan to suit any specific requirements you may have.

Silver Level
For less than 21 crowns a day:
  • Your resource appears in bold, on a different coloured background to free listings, with a picture (optional) in all lists and appears highlighted and emboldened in relevant searches.
  • Your resource will be up to 3x more likely to appear in the 'serendipity' section in the right hand sidebar.
    Price: 5,000 Kč for 6 months/7,500 Kč for a year

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  • level 1
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    Gold Level
    For less than 28 crowns a day:
  • Everything included in Level 1.
  • PLUS your own URL (
  • PLUS the ability to have more pictures, downloads and offers on your resource page.
  • PLUS your resource appears in the "AllCapitals Top Picks" section at the top section of its category, with its own box and larger picture, and some introductory text. The Top Picks also appear at the foot of the detail page of every other resource in your category, and on the printed versions of these pages.
  • PLUS you get access to hit counts on your page and access to our user base for direct marketing opportunities
    Price: 7,000 Kč for 6 months/10,000 Kč for a year

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  • level 2
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    Strategic Partnership (Platinum Level)
    Intended for businesses who want a very dominant presence on, a strategic partnership ofers you the chance to sponsor an entire category, with your logo on every page in that category.
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    How cost effective is promoting your resource on

    Let's take a look at what you could get for 10,000 Kc elsewhere:

    1/16th of a page, in one issue of Prague's leading English Language weekly newspaper (rate card 9,900 Kč)


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