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Why Register with AllPraha?

AllPraha hosts a huge amount of information about Prague in the Czech Republic. You can view this basic content for free.

If you are going to be visiting Prague or you have chosen to live here there are many advantages to registering, not least of which will be special offers from companies listed on AllPraha. So by registering, which is free, you could even save money.

If you register with AllPraha, you can enable your voice to be heard. You can post content, review and comment on resources plus rate resources good, average, mediocre or bad!

To look requires nothing. To interact and be a part of the AllPraha community will take just a few minutes of your time... click here to sign up now.

Registering will also enable you to access some of our future facilities such as building your own printable AllPraha guide and entering AllPraha competitions with great prizes.

AllPraha Users
There are several different types of user on AllPraha.

Standard User
you can register for free and add content to the site including rating and reviewing resources

you will have control over actual content and resources on the AllPraha site (gurus will be assigned by the AllCapitals team to those standard users that actively make AllPraha a better place). Learn more...

Resource Author
A standard user who has posted a resource and controls this resource unless the "real" owner takes control of their resource.

Resource Owner
A user that is an actual owner of a resource. For example, the proprietor of a restaurant or a director of company would be a Resource Owner. Resource Owners can potentially gain extra income from their resource listing in many ways. They can get immediate feedback from their customers, have extra privileges to add specific content to their resource including special offers, vouchers and multiple pictures and/or video content. You can further the profile of your resource by becoming a sponsor.

This type of user advertises their services directly to the AllPraha community without necessarily having a distinct resource within the AllCapitals database directory. Click here to learn more about advertising with AllCapitals.

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