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Češi berou alkohol velmi vážně. Teď se k nim můžete přidat i vy.

Diskotéky (74) 
Lucerna Music Bar
Bary (129) 
Caffrey's Irish Bar
Kavárny (64) 
Dobra Trafika
Absinth (10) 
Absinth Sebor
Pivovary a pivnice (12) 
U Fleku
Jazzové kluby (10) 
Jazz Club Ungelt
České hospody (18) 
U Medvidku
Česká piva (18) 
Budvar (Budweiser)
Internetové kavárny (19) 
Prague Cyber Laundromat
Dovoz nákupu (9) 
Music bary (13) 
La Bodeguita del Medio
Sport bary (11) 
Irské hospody (12) 
Caffrey's Irish Bar
Pivní zahrádky (16) 
Koktejl bary (22) 
La Bodeguita del Medio
Voda (5) 
České a moravské destiláty (18) 
Fernet Stock
Anglické hospody (5) 
Chateau L'enfer Rouge
Alkoholické nápoje (3) 
Pivni Majak
Česká a moravská vína (13) 
General on Czech and Moravian wines
Vinné sklípky (9) 
The Wine Bar
Vinotéky (5) 
Neubauer & Syn
Herny (3) 
Club Exces and Herna Bar
lost love great vashikaran 09950155702
wish we could get it in england
baznkaz on Gambrinus in Beers (Czech)
Live jazz in Prague, Národní street 20, Prague. Invite Reduta jazz club!
manager on Reduta in Jazz Clubs
snadsy on Marquis de Sade in Bars
snadsy on Rocky O Reillys in Bars
Great place to visit anytime in any size group (maybe with a reservation if a big group)
NICKROBBO on Jama in Bars
Great beer selection, great food, great staff
NATION1 on Jama in Bars
Avoid Tom Tom Club
rviguerie on Tom Tom Club in Bars
gayguidenet on Fajn in Bars
Evergreen cliosed in 2002.
gayguidenet on Evergreen in Bars
camberly on Camberly Fashion Bar in Bars
Not as bitter as Pilsner Urquell but that's why it's so drinkable and wonderful!
redpola on Gambrinus in Beers (Czech)
For real jazz experts
petr on Reduta in Jazz Clubs
Excellent service
alena dvorakova on Z-Market in Grocery and Drink Delivery
Yeeaah ....
Someone milk, someone Radegast ...
my favourite Prague bar.
jackson on Bombay Cocktail Bar in Bars
the best ribs i have ever had in Prague!
Eclectic place with decent menu
rayblake on Radost FX in Bars
Unjelt Great..Richientn stay AT Home...
Fun place; crowded but fun
Liska on Double Trouble in Bars
Above avarage
richientn1 on George and Dragon in Bars
Good when the irish not there.
richientn1 on Jazz Club Ungelt in Jazz Clubs
something different and very Czech
laboquipyahoo.com on Prvni Pivni Tramway in Pubs (Czech)
A favourite
charlie on Mattoni in Water
Where's Bernard gone?
charlie on Kafarna na kus reci in Bars
Friendly service and kitchen open till 1:30 - Sign me up!
Avoid if you like atmosphere
AllyP on Alcohol Bar in Bars
A bit boring, but 24-non-stop!
AllyP on Batalion in Bars
Very nice little place. My Prague fave.
Great little find near to the Old Town.
AllyP on Chateau in Bars
Ex-pat style bar, but not bad after all
Nice little club, recommended!
AllyP on Double Trouble in Bars
Any UK bar picked up and dumped elsewhere
AllyP on George and Dragon in Bars
Nice little place, never know who you might meet!

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